Friday, December 13, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (The Danger Cats) & The Rest Of This Weekend's Hard Rock Concert Previews!!

As promised, the rest of this weekend's metal/hard rock concert previews are in today's post! Nothing known with public word in the Sault Michigan area, but there's the return of heavier music to an unfamiliar location TONIGHT and a huge and very intriguing concert at The Canadian TOMORROW NIGHT for you Bam Margera fans! First though, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for next weekend relating to one of this weekend's previewed shows!

Just over a week after their LopLops Lounge debut, new local all-female hard rockers The Danger Cats will return to LopLops on Saturday, December 21st (one week from tomorrow) as one of the performing acts at X-Mess, an all acoustic concert with an emphasis on punk performers! Promoted by prolific local punk/metal singer J.D. Pearce, the girls are slotted as co-headliners for this unique event behind a band named The Debts who (like Keep It Lit and Project 421) have no public info going into showtime. J.D. did sound excited by their setlist, but if anything public comes out on them, I'll let you guys know! The other performers are North West guitarist Greg Callaghan in a solo set, and a performer named "Dr. Sal" (presumably Sal Velinus, one of the credited hosts on the Facebook event page), though I'm not sure how Sal sounds or if he'll have any guests. Given the seasonal theme, J.D. recommends wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to this concert, which has a $5 cover charge, 19+ age limit, and 10:00 PM start time. For more details, visit the above links!

Note as well that I don't know whether Danger Cats singer Summer Snow-Leopard will be back for this show or not, but if I hear confirmation either way, I'll let you guys know! Quite possibly J.D.'s last promoted concert of 2013, this should be a very unique event, with a little spice of hard rock, so keep it in mind for next weekend!

Speaking of The Danger Cats at LopLops, they'll make their first appearance at this generally unfamiliar hard rock venue TONIGHT when they open for local folk/jazz rock quartet The Pesto Shirts! Essentially a moved re-do of a planned concert from last month, this will be the first show at 651 Queen Street East with a hard rock band that I can source since C'Mon played at LopLops in June 2011, so this has been a long time coming for this artistic local lounge and concert spot! Of course, The Pesto Shirts (last seen sharing the stage with a heavier band in their third place Battle of the Bands run in April) have a lot of talent and skill in their genre, and they should fit well at LopLops tonight as well! Admission is $5 for this 10:00 PM show, and you must be 19 to attend (same as the X-Mess show.) For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Hopefully The Danger Cats build on their momentum from the Haggith farewell show TONIGHT, so don't miss this different sort of show this evening, and for a preview, here's their temporary lineup covering The Misfits last weekend!

And finally for today's post, the main event for this weekend's metal & punk concerts goes down TOMORROW NIGHT, when Jackass/Viva La Bam star and professional skateboarder Bam Margera brings his band Fuckface Unstoppable to The Canadian Nightclub! Already notorious from his TV shows and the mayhem brought with them, Bam and his band (featuring members of Pennsylvania alt-metallers CKY) has been tearing up the stage since late last year, and with a hard hitting and very entertaining mix of covers and some irreverent originals of their own! I've been a fan of Bam Margera's for years, and I'm very curious to see what goes down tomorrow in concert, so come on down to The Canadian to find out! Joining Bam and company are Detroit hard rock quintet Wilson, who have their own attitude-fueled original sound that has a lot of promise and entertainment value, so don't miss their set either! Note that fellow advertised guests Kissing Candice (a New York electronica/metal band) are only playing select dates of this tour, and the Soo show is not among them.

Three local opening bands will open the proceedings tomorrow, including promoter J.D. Pearce's new punk/metal band Jack Spades, who will debut new second guitarist Jesse Cook (Winkstinger) during tomorrow's set! They've been leaving a good impression in recent months, and so have fellow openers Destroilet, who will tear up The Canadian's stage for the first time tomorrow themselves with their own hardcore punk insanity! The lineup is rounded out by local death metal quartet The Bear Hunters, who won last month's Viva La Battle for the right to the last slot at tomorrow's concert, and their brutal originals should leave a heavy impression to start the evening! With an early start time, they'll be on at 7:15 PM tomorrow, with the lineup on the Facebook event page listing the other band times as Destroilet at 8:15 PM, Jack Spades at 9:00 PM, Wilson at 9:40 PM, and Fuckface Unstoppable headlining at 10:30 PM. Despite the early timeslots, this is still a 19+ concert, and tickets are still available for $25 ($40 for the V.I.P. experience) at The Canadian's front desk and at The Rad Zone.

Check the above links for more details! This should be a very fun concert, and given some of the reviews and setlists I've read from this tour, there's bound to be a lot of different and crazy stuff wrapped around Bam Margera's set! Them and the openers should all put in a great time, and kudos to J.D. for bringing this package of bands here! Plus, it helps that I'm already a big fan of CKY, so F.F.U. should help bring some of that experience tomorrow as well! I'll see you guys there TOMORROW NIGHT, get your tickets A.S.A.P., and for a preview, here's Fuckface Unstoppable playing their original "Moonshine" live this spring!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for hopefully a new news post before TOMORROW'S Fuckface Unstoppable concert, and if not, I'll see you guys there! Thanks everyone!

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