Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (RedD Monkey), New Song Postings, And More!!

In our second post on this snowy Tuesday, we have a few assorted notes relating to band links, new song postings from some Sault Ontario metal acts, and leading off, an interesting LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for the holiday season! Read on below for what you need to know, and check out this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles in the post below this one!

Local/Toronto classical/hardcore punk standouts RedD Monkey will return home for the first time in over 4 months when they rock The Algonquin Pub as one of many acts at an intriguing concert on Saturday, December 28th! They're not headlining though, as the announced headlining performer is Tim Day, a DJ originally from the Soo, though now based out of Nelson, British Columbia. Interesting change, but Tim is skilled at techno music and DJing, so give his material a look and see what you think! Joining RedD Monkey on the 28th are the original crash band Sykotyk Rampage (three weeks after their Haggith farewell show), and in their Algonquin Pub debuts, local hardcore/noise duo Bad Back and local grunge/lo-fi solo project Telephone & Address! Very creative mix of artists for this holiday season show on the 28th, so don't miss this hard hitting show! Promoted by Bad Back frontman Jamie Vincent, admission will be $5, you must be 19 to attend, and a 9:00 PM start time is advertised. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page!

Joining the Garden of Bedlam/Destroilet concert on Friday the 27th, The Algonquin Pub is shaping up to be the place to be over the last weekend of 2013 for metalheads, so I know I'll see you guys there both nights for some holiday season entertainment! This new show is diverse and original for it's blend of bands, so hopefully it's a huge success, and stay tuned for updates as they roll in!

Next up, here's some new YouTube uploads, starting with an advance preview of local thrash rockers Pillory's debut demo EP "Cringe at the Cross"! Uploaded on Sunday to frontman Robert Sartini's YouTube channel, these are in advance of the planned formal release on December 19th (the one year anniversary of founding guitarist Andres Duchesne's passing.) The uploads confirm the track listing order ("Fatal Woods", "No One Answers", "Cringe at the Cross", "Onward To Death", and "Shattered By War"), with none of the songs running less than 5 minutes in length, and all of the YouTube copies feature song lyrics too! Assuming this comes out as hoped next Thursday, I'll hold in-depth thoughts on "Cringe at the Cross" for now, but I will say that Shez Studios did a solid job production-wise, and Robert's vocals strike me as more aggressive, almost like he took extra inspiration from his other band Crimson Crusade. Check out the first song "Fatal Woods" below, and stay tuned for more on the EP and other notes as it comes in!

Also, Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison has uploaded a new original song to his YouTube channel! Joining a re-done and better quality version of his other new song "Suicide Bike Ride", he posted a track named "I'll Be There" on Sunday, which is a completed version of a love song he wrote a decade ago. Well composed and performed, Tym's vocals fit nicely on this emotional track, though I have a feeling some metalheads will enjoy the guitar solo and more dramatic ending the most! Check out Tym's newest solo song below!

Finally for today, here's two assorted shorter news stories from the last while, all relating to additions or deletions to our band links! These are in alphabetical order by band name, as usual:

  • I've removed the MySpace page for defunct Sault Michigan alternative hard rock quartet Askew'd from our links, as their only posted song was an Apple commercial for some reason, rather than an original recording, so there's not enough surviving info there after MySpace's layout changeover to keep them in our links. Only visibly active in August 2007, Askew'd has some creative and intriguing themes and plans, but hopefully their members stay active in music!
  • Strongs, Michigan metal project East Branch are alive! Their original Facebook page was actually deleted not because of their end, but because project leader J.R. Johnson deleted his personal Facebook page, so pages connected to it vanished as well. Luckily though, they now have a new official Facebook page to replace it, and it's already more updated than before, so click here to become a fan, and thanks to J.R.'s Swampghas bandmate Jason Mills for the info!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes soon, including some big concert previews! Thanks everyone!

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