Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

News has slowed down a bit to begin the month, but we have an all video post for you guys on this cold Tuesday, so what's in store? New songs from two very different Sault Ontario solo acts, a new jam video from a recently expanded death metal project, and first, a bunch of live videos from a recent concert! Out of fairness, today's write-ups are in alphabetical order by artist name, as none really struck me a natural "headliner" over the rest. Read on below for what you need to know!

Newer local grunge/hardcore duo Bad Back have a lot more videos online to check out, courtesy of singer/drummer Nathan Sauve's YouTube channel! His first music postings there in 5 years (un-privatized videos aside), these document most of their set at the Biipiigwan show at The Moose Lodge last month, and the 7 videos include their original songs "Party Bus", "Two Tongues", "#1 Hit Single", "Lung Bucket", "Breeding Weak", "Oh (Nothin' In My Pocket)", and (as embedded below) "Drum My Way Back Home", so click each link to check them out! Note that the angle of this stationary camera for these videos is very similar to the "Two Tongues" video on frontman Jamie Vincent's channel, but the camera on Nathan's videos is in normal definition and has washed out colour. Featuring short facts on the songs in each video's information, the videos have really solid audio to capture their two man fury, though I wish the videos weren't as colour saturated. Check out "Drum My Way Back Home", but see much more from Nathan's channel at the above links!

Next up, here's the latest from local death/grind project Brutaly Fatal! They're no longer a solo act, as prolific local goregrind musician Tyler "Ringsnaps" Gibson has signed on as their first ever permanent drummer, joining existing singer/bassist Austin McCrae. The news was broke on label Blood Shed Productions' Facebook page yesterday, and you could consider this a permanent union of the Crucify The Whore/Brutaly Fatal demo from last year. I'm not overly familiar with Ringsnaps as a drummer (programming aside), but our first glimpse can be seen below, as this jam session clip of Austin & Ringsnaps playing an instrumental version of the Brutaly Fatal song "Eye Socket Massacre" was posted onto the Blood Shed YouTube channel yesterday! Featuring Austin on guitar rather than bass, the audio quality is fairly choppy (and the camera's in the vertical cell phone angle), but I like the fuller sound, and I'm curious to see where this leads! Surprisingly high amount of cymbal hitting though, it seems a bit out of place. Check out Brutaly Fatal's new video below!

Also new to the aforementioned Blood Shed Productions YouTube channel is a new song from Ringsnaps' Crucify The Whore solo project named "Rectified Rectal Tragedy" (which was publically debuted at the Devil's Night show at The Oddfellows Hall), but I'll only embed the audio here as the depicted artwork might be disturbing or offensive to some readers (though I'll note that recent indications point to it being the new artwork for their next demo "Welcome to Earth".) A short 2 minute original, it's heavier and more freewheeling than some recent songs, but the vocals will still be a "love them or hate them" blend of pig squeals. Check out their new song below!

Finally for today, here's a new original song from Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison! Posted onto his YouTube channel on Friday, the song is named "Suicide Bike Ride", as inspired by an accident in his 20s that almost took his life. A heavy metal number, it's catchy with really solid guitar work, and solid aggressive vocals from Tym, but it can me messy and somewhat standard in it's structure. It's great to hear a heavy original again though, and I like the effects put in! Check out Tym's new song below, and don't miss him at The Harp on Friday!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news soon, including weekend concert previews! Thanks everyone!

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