Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Deprecor & Quite Frankly

It's now time for our last Defunct Local Band Profiles of 2013! As always, this series looks at one or two bands a month that, though defunct or inactive for a year+, still has an online presence and as a result, deserves a look back at their run, successes, and so on! This month's profiles feature a band held over from last month (after the band they were to be paired with ended up having more info than known), so we have a double profile on each side of the border today! Read on below for what you should know on each of this month's profiled bands!

Genre: Death/Industrial Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Members: (This information is incomplete concerning member T.J.'s last name. If you can fill in any blanks, e-mail me at robertfigures@outlook.com!)

Nathan Switzer (RamWagon), guitar
T.J. ????? (Analog Deficiency), bass/drums

Info/Analysis: A short lived Sault Michigan metal project that was only visibly active in February 2008, Deprecor was a melodic metal act inspired by bands like KoRn, Arch Enemy, Divine Heresy, and In Flames. Apparently launched due to Nathan & T.J. being bored, Deprecor released just one original demo named "Break" before falling inactive by the spring of that year. Both re-emerged in the longer lasted and more substantial metal band Analog Deficiency in 2009, though they've since broken up too, with Nathan focusing on his current cover band RamWagon as of 2013. With only one song, it's hard to tell just how far Deprecor could have went, but "Break" is a promising (if repetitive) start that has enough heaviness and solid recording quality to attract some notice! Nathan's guitar work is pretty good especially, but both he and T.J. outdid themselves in later metal projects. Still, Deprecor was an interesting early attempt at an original local metal band, and give "Break" a listen below!

Quite Frankly

Genre: Hard/Classic Rock

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


Jack Alisat, vocals
Frank LaTassa (Faithless Sin), lead guitar
Joe DelBasso (Devastation of the Heavens), rhythm guitar
Harley Syrette (No Arrow), bass
Adam Pettenuzzo (Children of the Dawn), drums
Vince LaTassa, keyboard

Info/Analysis: Quite Frankly were a short lived local hard rock band that was active in the Sault Ontario area from mid-2009 through early 2010. Playing a mix of heavier-leaning covers of everyone from AC/DC to Journey, Quite Frankly played at venues like The Speak Easy during their brief run, along with sets at major events like The Dragon Boat Festival & a Sault Steelers game, among others. Official updates last came in November 2009 when they announced that former AtrophiA drummer Dustin Proulx would be filling in for Adam Pettenuzzo, but no shows followed before they fell inactive early the following year. Unique at the time as an SMS-coverable band with both a keyboardist and a female singer, Quite Frankly were a very talented sextet that delivered some solid performances in their brief run (especially thanks to Jack's skilled vocal range), and it's a shame that they're mostly not in active bands now, but hopefully that changes! Their only 4 surviving videos are at this link, including this cover of Coheed & Cambria's "Welcome Home", so give it a look below!

I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles! We'll kick off 2014 in this series with another double band profile, as the first band we chose (from the Sault Michigan area in the rotation) doesn't have enough surviving info to warrant the full profile, so I picked a Sault Ontario act in a similar state to round it out. With that said, we'll be looking at defunct Pickford hard rockers Self Control (featuring Full Throttle singer Donny Newell) and Chronic Demonic drummer Mike Vincent's defunct solo project next month, so watch out for them on or around January 10th! That's all for now, but stay tuned for more news & updates soon! Thanks everyone!

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