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YouTube Channel Profile Series: innercit's Channel

It's now time for our final monthly feature post of April 2020, as this is our latest YouTube Channel Profile! As usual, we're spotlighting 1-3 (one this time) YouTube channels whose content is at least half devoted to local metal, hard rock, or punk artists and/or concerts, all as randomly selected. This month's channel is from a very popular local punk band who just reunited last summer, but we're travelling back to the mid-2000s for this content, and there's some interesting stuff to see below!
innercit's Channel (
Owner: A member of local punk quartet The Inner City Surfers (exact identity unclear)

Channel Timeline: Launched on July 20th, 2006; Videos posted from later that month through April 2007

Channel Summary: The Surfers' official YouTube channel, this was maintained during the peak of their original active run, primarily during the recording sessions for their 2007 self titled CD (a.k.a. "The Black Album") Four of their six videos are devoted to loose and informal covers (including them and friends covering Bedouin Soundclash and frontman Dustin Jones covering White Lion), with the other two including a music video and a teaser from the album recording.

Why You Should Watch: This is a must-watch channel for diehard Inner City Surfers fans, especially those who saw them live regularly in the mid-2000s and/or know the guys personally, and you do get a nice lighter look at everything going on 13-14 years ago! However, this channel has not been visibly updated since the spring of 2007, and there are channels with more plentiful content relating to actual Surfers concerts and their finished CDs, including the full "Black Album" on bassist Brad Example's YouTube channel.

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

INNER CITY SURFERS - Getaway (demo): The channel's most popular video is this homemade music video from the fall of 2006 for the demo version of their song "Getaway", which was re-recorded on their album the next year. The video proper features live concert footage of Dustin, Mikey, Brad, and guitarist Dave Bahun in concerts both locally (look for The Roberta Bondar Pavilion) and in Southern Ontario, alongside footage of fans at their concerts, and even waiting in line, among other clips. The live concert segments definitely aren't synced up with the song proper, but it's otherwise well edited, and this early version of the mid-tempo "Getaway" still harbours the same qualities that made the final version a fan favourite!

Inner City Surfers in the Studio 2007: The following March, The Inner City Surfers uploaded this teaser video of their recording sessions for "The Black Album", as set to instrumental clips from the CD. Much of the video features the guys jamming and recording the album, though clips are included featuring them having fun in and out of studio, even playing a golf video game?! Nice inside look at the sessions for their biggest album, and strongly recommended for fans! Note that the video proper ends at 2:37, and after 45 seconds, there is an easter egg of drummer Mikey Hawdon dancing.

Inner City Surfers Studio Blooper #2: Calling these "bloopers" is something of a misnomer, but the innercit channel's last uploads from April 23rd, 2007 feature frontman Dustin Jones covering two unlikely songs on vocals & piano on stage at their recording studio. Both feature Mikey as well, though in very different roles. "Studio Blooper #1" has the guys singing the adult toasting song "Here's To The Breezes", but featured here is Dustin covering Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" while Mikey performs an amusing interpretive dance with the aid of some props placed (more accurately, thrown) on stage. These have amusing qualities, especially the Poison cover, and it's nice seeing the guys having some fun!

I hope you guys liked this month's YouTube Channel Profile! This series will return on or around May 26th for another installment, and next month, we'll have multiple channels, as the first randomly selected one only has four audio tracks, while the second I chose only had two music videos, so we're tripling up next time. As such, we'll be looking at the YouTube channels of joeyvelcro (featuring four early Winkstinger demos), TrebleChargerMusic (featuring two of their music videos), and ctburlington (coincidentally featuring a Treble Charger live clip). Look for these next month, and for more news and notes on the site this week! Thanks everyone!

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