Monday, June 25, 2012

Skeyes Of Seven's Debut, Local Band Lineup Changes/Notes, And This Month's CD Review!!

Alright, let's get back to some Sault Ontario stories today! In this post, we have the identity of our next CD review, a pile of lineup notes for a few local bands (including some lingering questions about just who is in one band), and leading things off, when you can see a new local band for the first time, so here's what you need to know! (Updated at 4:29 PM)

A new local hard rock band will make their long awaited debut next month, as Skeyes of Seven have been confirmed as the third local opening band for Toronto metal legends Anvil's headlining concert at The Canadian Nightclub on July 25th! They were quietly added to the Facebook event page's lineup within the last few days, and they should be the first band playing that night, before Anvil, Frightlight, and Garden of Bedlam. In case you've forgotten, Skeyes of Seven is the new band featuring former Sense of Truth bandmates Cory Murchison & Ron Baxter on vocals and guitar alongside Half Past guitarist Alain Fletcher and former Tripod the Dog/Genghis Khan bassist Mike Mannarino, and it'll be awesome to see the guys finally hitting the stage! Notably, this will be Cory & Ron's first live concert since they opened for Lion Ride in May 2010 at The Canadian, so it's been a very long time coming for them especially (and what better way to return than by opening for Anvil?!) Note however that they have yet to confirm who their new drummer is (founding drummer Chris Thompson left this spring), but you'd have to imagine one will be announced within the next month. Stay tuned for more on Skeyes of Seven as I hear it!

As for the Anvil show, tickets are still available at The Rad Zone at Wellington Square Mall, Music Depot on Gore Street, and The Canadian Nightclub's front desk for just $20, which is a huge value for the band's you'll be seeing! There's also some tickets available at The Rad Zone, Music Depot, and The Roosevelt Hotel for the 3 Inches of Blood show on July 9th for $10, so pick them up A.S.A.P. before they're gone! Check the above links for more details on both of these J.D. Pearce-promoted concerts, and click here for SooToday's brief article on the 3IOB show! No mention of the local openers specifically, but some press is better than none at all!

Next up, here's some lineup notes concerning the recently relaunched band March Into Regression. First, from what I've seen, I think the previously referenced Josh & Jeremy might be Bear Hunters guitarist/ex-Bring The Fallen singer Josh Stephney and Like Father Like Son/ex-Lorax frontman Jeremy Hannah. Nothing 100% official has confirmed them as being in the band, but Jeremy posted mobile photos onto Facebook of most of March Into Regression outdoors at what looks like the F.A.T.I.L. Gathering in Laird that they returned at. If they are actually band members, I don't know if they're both singing, or if one is on guitar, or some combination, but it'd be nice to see them singing in a metal band again after so long! The other lineup news is another question mark, as though March Into Regression's Facebook page doesn't list him as a band member anymore, bassist Tyler St. Amour is featured alone in their current profile picture. Plus, he was tagged in this photo last month with guitarists Ray Cowan & Christopher Neveau that is credited to M.I.R., despite recent implications that Dan Souliere was now their bassist. So, how much of this is right, now wrong, or always wrong?

Personally, unless they update their Facebook lineup, I'll believe their current lineup when I see it, which could come next Thursday night when they play their first Sault Ste. Marie gig in over a year at the next Rosie metal night! Hopefully I'll see you guys there, and stay tuned for more M.I.R. news! Leading from bands that have involved Tyler St. Amour, here's some more concrete lineup news concerning his other band, local metal act Social Suicide! Apparently, they've reverted to their original lineup for the most part, as Anthony Boudreau has returned on guitar and Keeghan Rosso is back on drums, indicating that Ray Cowan, Andres Duchesne, and Storm Perry are all out of the band. A reason for these lineup changes has not been announced, but hopefully the new/old lineup works well in the future, and best of luck to the former members! Tyler is still fronting the band, though he's swapped the bass for the guitar, and according to a Facebook page posting last week, they have a new bassist to go along with new originals and plans for future shows. The new bassist has not been revealed yet, but hopefully the guys got someone that fits their sound well, and stay tuned for more Social Suicide news as it comes in!

And finally, I'd like to confirm that this month's CD review at The Sault Metal Scene will be The Harsh Heads' only CD "First Hated, Then Forgotten"! I've opted to pick this archive review for two reasons: Nothing new has came out this month for local metal/hard rock bands in terms of official packaged albums (the week ahead has nothing likely either), and Harsh Heads' members Aaron Gibbs and John Conway return to the stage with their current band The Billy Bastards on Saturday night when they open for Maximum RNR, so it neatly ties in with that show! As you may remember, The Harsh Heads were a prominent old school hardcore/punk band in the early 1990s, and their two unreleased 1994 demos later got a posthumous CD release in 2005, which is what we'll review this month! How has it held up 18 years after it's recording? We'll know by Saturday, so keep an eye out for this month's CD review, and as for next month? Barring a delay for when it comes out, I hope to look at Theatre of Night's second album "The Dawn's Early Light" given it's planned July 1st release. If we review it next month, it'll be our third Sault Michigan CD review in four months, which will be interesting, so watch out for that hopefully, and our review of "First Hated, Then Forgotten" this week!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on RedStone Riot TOMORROW, along with much more news! Thanks everyone!

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