Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend Concert Previews, Garden Of Bedlam Footage, And This Week's Classic Video!!

It's time for this weekend's metal and hard rock concert previews, and though the weekend itself is fairly scarce for new shows, there's a couple shows worth covering like they deserve, so those lead of tonight's post! Also stay tuned afterwards for new videos from a big concert last month and this week's classic video, but for now, here's what you need to know for the metal shows going down locally TONIGHT and Sunday!

First on the weekend concert docket is the 45th Roosevelt Hotel metal night and second since it's latest relaunch! A solid mix of newer and not recently seen bands for the Thursday night series will gather TONIGHT to melt faces at The Roosevelt Hotel, and the festivities tonight will be headlined by the return of hardcore quartet Changing Waves! After an almost five month break from the stage, this diverse and energetic young band are sure to be welcomed back with open arms tonight, so be sure not to miss their hard hitting originals! Joining them are extreme metal quintet Winkstinger, in their first Thursday metal night appearance in almost four months, and their explosive and alcohol fueled hardcore onslaught should be in top form in advance of the Battle For The Blood on Tuesday! Rounding out the lineup are local metal quartet Borderline Divine (the former Stillbroke) in their second live concert and first Roosevelt Hotel appearance, which should be interesting in itself! Their new originals and heavy covers left a great impression in their live debut last month, and it'll definitely be interesting to see the guys make their Rosie debut!

Admission will be free as expected, and a start time after 9:00 PM is likely, but there will be a 19+ age limit after a two show all ages stint, due to attendance and security concerns. Even with that news, this should be a great night of metal featuring a very different lineup than we've tended to see on Thursdays at The Rosie this year! There's a little something for everyone tonight, and hopefully I can make it out! For a preview, here's Changing Waves playing two songs at The Rosie last year!

The other concert is the planned debut performance by new local grunge/alternative band Haggith on Sunday at The Canadian Nightclub! The new band from prolific local solo artist Mike Haggith, Havadder alum Daniel Horton, and ex-20 Pack of Marshmallows guitarist Curtis McKenzie will play their first ever live set on Sunday night, which should be an interesting debut from an intriguing new local band! Though public information on this new band has been brief so far, the talent is there, and all three guys have made some solid original material, so hopefully the debut of the Haggith band goes awesomely on Sunday! Details on this Sunday's concert are scant, but it should be a 19+ affair with a 10:00 PM-ish start time and a cover charge of $5 or less. Check the above links for more details! I'm definitely curious to hear Haggith for the first time, and they've been hyping the possible release of a "basement EP" at Sunday's show, so hopefully a decent crowd turns out! For a preview of this show, here's one of two new songs that Haggith will apparently be playing this weekend, courtesy of Curtis McKenzie's YouTube channel! Entitled "Wanko", this was originally posted online in April before the band's launch, and it features Curtis' brother/former bandmate Travis alongside Daniel, and it doesn't sound too bad!

The vocals remind me of Brandon Carr from Nixxon Dixxon, and the song has a nice grungy groove and a catchy upbeat melody while still being heavy! If this is Curtis singing (as in his original "Rage Train" that Haggith will also be playing), then hopefully we'll hear him sing too on Sunday! Still waiting for a song featuring Mike or some live videos, but this is a nice glimpse to what we can expect from Haggith, so check out "Wanko" below, hear more at the above links, and go see them at The Canadian on Sunday!

Also today, here's some new video footage of local metal notables Garden of Bedlam! You may have already seen the Shaw TV interview with the guys from their May 12th Rockstar Bar concert, but the stuff shot at that show by The 705 Video Magazine was still waiting to make it online. Well, the wait is over, as the 705VM's YouTube channel uploaded two videos from the concert on Sunday, both of which are covers, those being of Tool's "46 & 2" and Volbeat's "Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood"! The former has been filmed a lot before, but I don't think the Volbeat cover has ever been publically viewable as a video before now, so that's cool to see! That said, these both suffer in the audio department, with some distorted and scratchy moments, especially on bass-heavy parts and when the songs get more aggressive (but the video quality itself isn't bad!) Plus, I know that Garden of Bedlam were interviewed for The 705 Video Magazine before that show (the proof's in the picture), so I'm wondering what's happening with that? Still, it's great to see these new videos finally, so check out Garden of Bedlam's Volbeat cover below, and in case they don't play locally before then, don't miss them at the Anvil show next month!

And finally for this post, here's this week's classic video! I was struggling to find a video at least a year old online with performers at concerts this weekend, so I dipped into the general archives for this 2008 video of defunct Sault Michigan metal quartet Nixxon Dixxon live on stage! The first of two videos from fan Lyzz Johnson that she posted on her MySpace page 4 years ago, this came from a May 11th, 2008 show at The Bird (a.k.a. Golanka's Bar) where the guys covered Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"! Fitting knowing how much guitarist Chris Hubbard loves Van Halen, but how do they sound? Though the video is incomplete, they seem to have had a good handle on the song, though Brandon Carr's vocals weren't as wider ranging as we were used to even two years later. The audio quality on this camera doesn't do any favours to the sound, and the low quality video is very shaky (even flipping on it's side at one point), but it's an interesting look back to Nixxon Dixxon's early local run! Lyzz even stressed on the original upload that this video doesn't do them justice, and I can vouch for that (check out 2009-2010 videos of them for proof.) This video was originally uploaded at and NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!!

All credit for this video goes to Nixxon Dixxon and Lyzz, I'm just trying to share this video with a deserving wider audience! It's a nice performance, quality issues aside, so give perhaps the oldest public Nixxon Dixxon live video a look below!

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