Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Return Of Turner Up, New Videos, And Lots More!!

Let's keep things going on a busy note today, as we have some more news to share from the local metal scene! Today, we have new videos from a local guitarist, a full concert video from a band with some metal covers, and recent news coverage of a local concert series, but first, here's a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT relating to a local band's return!

Classic hard rockers Turner Up are back! But wait, didn't they change their name to Full Circle in May? Yes, but drummer Scott McLurg confirmed with me in recent e-mails that he & bassist/founding member Robert Brown have decided to bring back Turner Up as a new band separate from the still-active Full Circle! As such, from what I understand, the new Turner Up will have a noticeably heavier setlist than Full Circle, who I think will now be reserved for the softer edged rock material. The new Turner Up lineup will see the return of Krista Marshall on vocals, and Robert will handle guitar again as he did before their spring lineup overhaul, though the rest of the new Turner Up lineup will have new members. Their new guitarist is Havadder frontman Jason Roy, who definitely has some heavier chops from his past musical work, while former Carbon Black singer Travis Sharpe will take over on bass! How's that for some surprising, yet cool lineup news? Nice to see Travis back in an active band! From what I've heard, Turner Up will not play live as often as Full Circle, but it's good to see a band with this name back after six months!

That all said, Turner Up have a return concert lined up for next month, but I'll wait for more official confirmation before plugging it here. Thanks again to Scott for telling me about Turner Up's return! It's great to see them back, and some great & busy times are ahead for Scott & Robert's two bands! That said, I'll probably be slowing down our coverage of Full Circle as I don't believe they'll play a consistent hard rock set now with Turner Up back, but they're still a talented band you should see live! And yes, I've restored Turner Up to our active band links, so check them out!

Next up, here's a recent news article from The Sault Star that talks about the return of Roosevelt Hotel metal nights! On Tuesday, an article written by The Sault Star's Jeffery Ougler entitled "Pedal to the metal" was posted online and in that day's paper that profiled the Thursday metal nights' return. It features interview remarks from new booker/Rosie manager Stephane Vincent, where he talks about the reception for the metal nights, why the bar started putting them on, and the response to them. That said, while it's mostly well written, there are things I'd change. The article incorrectly says the metal nights are returning after "a couple month's hiatus" (they were only gone for three weeks), the article generalizes that there were 3 bands a week (16 of the past 37 metal nights had more or less than 3 bands), and neither original booker/founder Rich Moreland or his booking company Dismembertainment were given any name credit for their work starting or putting on the past year's Thursday nighters. I understand the emphasis on The Rosie & their current work, but Rich put in a lot of work, you think he'd get a bit of name credit. Still, it's nice to see The Sault Star giving local metal some notice, and I hope the return show on Thursday was a huge hit! Read The Sault Star's article on the Rosie metal nights at the above links!

We'll close this post with new videos, and first, here's a 40 minute video of local punk trio Redundant's entire set from their Halloween concert at Feedback last week! This was uploaded by drummer Rick White onto his YouTube channel yesterday. Now, Redundant are first & foremost a punk band, but they do occasionally cover metal, and you do see that here, as they covered a guitar solo-less version of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" midway through their set! It sounds good, if a bit rough, but it's what you'd expect a punk version of it to sound like, which isn't bad at all! The full video also features Redundant covering Johnny Cash, Green Day, Screeching Weasels, Weezer, Del Shannon, Blink-182, and NOFX songs with their usual punk swagger and sense of humour, and the camera's at a good angle and quality to capture their set! Regrettably, it was cut short due to (surprise surprise) noise complaints from a neighbour, a problem I hope gets resolved soon! The video also features Rick's former Fitswitch & Frightlight bandmate Larry Mousseau stepping in on drums for a portion of Blink 182's "Dammit", which is interesting!

Check out the full video of Redundant from Feedback on Halloween below, it's nice quality punk rock from some very talented musicians! And yes, there's metal to be had, so fast forward to 21:53 for their cover of "Enter Sandman", and for some short metal asides before launching into other full songs, move to 1:05 for another Metallica cover snippet, and head to 37:09 to hear them rock a portion of "Sober" by Tool! Good stuff!

And finally for today, here's a bunch of solo performance videos from a local guitarist! These come from T. Rex Manning guitarist and Skull Fist concert booker Tiffany Stocco, who has posted a number of guitar track covers of punk and metal songs onto her YouTube channel over the past year. She's posted covers of Metallica, Seether, Distillers, Bloodhound Gang, Foo Fighters, Misfits, Megadeth, Ramones, Anvil, and Tool songs on her channel, plus some original compositions with vocals. She's pretty good, and she seems to improve the newer the videos get! A couple messups here and there, but she's honest about them, which is good! I'd turn up the guitar though, it doesn't sound too loud on some of the videos. Makes me more curious to hear T. Rex Manning live, and remember, they make their debut at The Roosevelt Hotel opening for The Unbelievers on November 29th! Check out Tiffany's metal and punk covers at the above links, and here's her rendition of Anvil's "Metal On Metal"!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news as November rolls along, hopefully including a post by Tuesday! Thanks everyone!

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