Sunday, November 20, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (View To A Kill), More Rosie Metal Night News Coverage, And Lots More!!

Here's some more news for your Sunday, and we've got some big stories today, including a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, more awesome news coverage on a popular element of the scene, a local band's bassist search, and some more assorted news stories from the last little while, so here's what you guys need to know! After a one week absence, the relaunched Roosevelt Hotel metal nights are back THIS THURSDAY! I'm not sure whether they're now bi-weekly or not (hopefully I'll hear more about the scheduling for them soon) but this will be the second Thursday metal night under booker Stephane Vincent and the 39th overall. Three Algoma District bands have been signed for this Thursday, including, in the metal night debut, View To A Kill! The new local metal band featuring Sativa Rose, State of Misery, and Chillum alumni will play just their second local concert this Thursday, so look for some solid deathcore sounds from this rising new quartet! Joining them will be Thessalon death metal quartet For All That Is Lost, in their first metal night appearance in three months! Nice to see them back, so prepare yourself for some brutal face melting sounds in their local return! Rounding out the lineup is classic metal quartet Late & Loud, who'll continue a busy and very heavy autumn with some high energy originals and covers that fans will surely enjoy! As usual for the metal nights with all local/Algoma bands, there will be a 19+ age limit, no cover charge, and a start time of around 10:00 PM. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! Nice to see a varied and high impact lineup of bands for this Thursday, and as some possible added incentive to go, Late & Loud's Facebook page has hinted towards possibly releasing a 9 song demo soon! Might we see it on Thursday? I have no idea, but if I hear anything, I'll let you guys know! And because I'm on the American Thanksgiving break this weekend and have no Friday classes, I can actually hit the next metal night! I'll hopefully see you guys there! That said, the return of Roosevelt Hotel metal nights continues to attract attention from local media, as The Sault Star's Jeffery Ougler was in attendance for the relaunch on November 10th, and he has another article in the paper to show for it! Entitled "Bang Your Head - Heavy Metal Night back with a vengeance at The Rosie", the article (which was posted on Friday) features Jeffery's thoughts from Shit Liver's set, the environment and attendees, and interview snippets from Stephane and Bear Hunters members Justin Lam & Johnny Belanger, who also featured in a short video embedded with the online portion of the interview! It's short and Jeffery's voice comes off very low, but on the whole, the article and video are very complimentary and open towards our metal scene, The Rosie, and the metal nights! Now, sadly, the errors & omissions I pointed out when I covered his last Rosie metal night article were included without changes again this time around, but a couple of new things should have been fixed as well, like where it's said that The Bear Hunters have been gigging for two years (they only played their first show last year.) The lack of footage of the other bands or any direct references to Redundant is noticeable too, but overall, it's awesome to see local news media giving the scene some long overdue press coverage! Check the above links for more, and thanks to Jeffrey for plugging the SMS in the article too, that was nice of him! Here's hoping there's more major press coverage of the scene to come! Thirdly today, it looks official that local hard rockers Half Past have parted ways with bassist Arthur Lacasse for a second time. The band still lists him on their lineup on their Facebook page, but Arthur put the word out on the local "Musicians Wanted" Facebook group that they're looking for a new bassist. A public reason for the split hasn't been made, but I know that this is a 100% amicable decision similar to when Arthur originally left last year. Arthur had been a member of the band as rhythm guitarist or bassist for most of their existence, (save for Ryan Disano's brief tenure last year), last appearing with them at Hempfest in August, with Harley Syrette filling in temporarily at their concert at The Rockstar Bar last month. It's a shame to see Arthur leave again, as he is a talented musician on both guitar and bass, but I know that he's making the best decisions for him right now, and best of luck to Arthur in whatever comes next! So with that said, if you play bass, consider trying out for Half Past, they could use another talented bass player so we can see them on a local stage again! Check the above links for more details, and stay tuned for updates! Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news stories from the last little while. As usual, these are in alphabetical order by band or artist name:
  • Sault Michigan/Grand Rapids metal quintet End of Existence have posted a new black and white version of their "Sun Is Gone" music video onto their YouTube channel last week, so click here to check it out! It's no different from the original, just in greyscale. Maybe it's to make it look darker? I don't know, but it's a solid song, so check the above links for both versions of the video!
  • Local guitarist Jordan Koski is apparently starting a new local metal band! He's looking for a singer & bassist to round out the lineup, and I believe he has a drummer already. If you're interested in trying out, click here for more details! This could be very interesting, so I'll keep you guys posted if I hear more on Jordan's new band!
  • Local punk trio Redundant have been added to the lineup for November 29th's Unbelievers-headlined punk show (also featuring the return of classic metallers Sativa Rose & the debut of the potentially-metal T. Rex Manning.) Nice addition, hopefully this show is a big hit! Stay tuned for updates!

That's all for today, but if there's no new news posts in the interim, stay tuned for this month's YouTube Channel Profile on Garden of Bedlam guitarist Josh Belleau's old YouTube channel on Tuesday! Thanks everyone!

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