Tuesday, November 22, 2011

YouTube Channel Profile Series: Chainsaw666's Channel

It's time once again for our next installment of the YouTube Channel Profile Series! As usual, we'll take a look at at least one YouTube channel with at least 50% local metal-relevant videos, and tell you what you should know about it, what videos you should check out, and so on! And yes, this was randomly selected from the 100+ videos that the SMS is subscribed to on on YouTube, so even I didn't know what channel(s) would be picked until I drew numbers! That said, for a fifth straight month, we're taking a look at just one channel with a lot of videos, but you guys should dig this month's selected channel, so here's what you guys need to know! (Updated on October 15th, 2013)
Chainsaw666's Channel (http://youtube.com/user/chainsaw666)

Owner: Garden of Bedlam guitarist Josh Belleau

Channel Timeline: Launched on January 20th, 2006; Videos posted between 2006 & April 2008.

Channel Summary: Local guitarist Josh Belleau originally started this YouTube channel for personal use in January 2006. Videos he posted through that year included a solo performance videos, two videos of his cousin/bandmate Evan Belleau playing guitar (not bass), a short video of a playing of "Bark At The Moon" on Guitar Hero, and two very short clips of KoRn members from what look like instructional videos. After a year's inactivity, Josh resumed use of his channel in early 2008, in time for the launch of his new band Garden of Bedlam. As such, he posted four band videos on his channel from their first months together, including three short videos from two early concerts & a jam session video from January of that year. The channel hasn't been used since (despite Garden of Bedlam's surge in popularity of recent years), but you can see newer (and better quality) Garden of Bedlam videos at their 3 official YouTube channels, and at Josh's current personal channel that he launched last year!

Why Should You Watch: The optimal reason to check out Josh's old channel is to see some early Garden of Bedlam footage, as they were still a talented band even in their infancy, but even the 2006 videos that predate the band have value, especially to see Josh and Evan rocking out solo! That said, the definitive video footage of Garden of Bedlam would come from the band's own YouTube channels and their more recent output, so check the above links for footage of them from any of the past four years!

Our Recommended Videos To Check Out:

Aenima Jam: Probably the oldest known video of Garden of Bedlam, this comes from a jam session that the band played circa January 6th, 2008. It's of their cover of the Tool song "├ćnema", which remains a live favourite to this day, and even at this early stage of the band, their talent is clear! The quality of the video isn't amazing, and the band are still rough around the edges at points, but it's a nice early look at Garden of Bedlam before they hit their local heights that's worth watching!

Garden of Bedlam tool sober live: Josh's last uploads were three short & low quality videos from two Garden of Bedlam concerts in the spring of 2008 at The Other Place (last known as GLOW Nightclub), including a headlining show that March & an opening slot for Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band Sikamikanico that April. At least 5 videos were shot at these shows by (I think) the same attendee on a low quality camera (including parts of covers of "├ćnema" & Godsmack's "Awake" that aren't on his channel), but Josh put three of the videos onto YouTube, those being parts of their covers of "System of a Down's "Toxicity", Helmet's "Unsung", and as featured below, Tool's "Sober"! The audio's respectable, but the videos are all black & white, low resolution, and far too short. Still, they're worth a look for some early Garden of Bedlam live footage, so don't let them pass you by!

No Remorse: The most popular video on Josh's channel, his short guitar cover of Metallica's "No Remorse" is pushing 15,000 views, despite predating Garden of Bedlam & being recorded mainly to test his new amplifier. The guitar solo's not accurate, but he still rips a nice solo here, and there is great equipment behind it to make it sound nice, which is always welcome!

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's YouTube Channel Profile! That said, whose channel are we looking at next month? Well, for the first time in this series, we're looking at THREE YouTube channels, as the first channel I randomly selected didn't have enough videos, so I added more until I had enough channels to fill out the post. So on or around December 22nd, you'll get an early Christmas present when we profile the YouTube channels of NoXcape guitarist Joey Beairl, 2010 Kiss concert attendee bigphatwilly, and Kewadin Casino's old YouTube channel! If you like Kiss or the inactive Guitar Studio band Unleashed, you'll like next month's YouTube Channel Profiles, so keep an eye out! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes later this week! Thanks everyone!

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