Saturday, November 26, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Tym & Caveman Morrison), A New Album Release, And Much More!!

In the first post of a planned 2 post Saturday, I have some news and notes to share with you guys, including LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for shows TONIGHT and next month, details on a brand new local metal CD release (and if we're reviewing it this month), and what I know on the status of a prominent local metal band. And yes, our scheduled Saultites in Out of Town Bands Profile update post will arrive as scheduled later today, so stay tuned for that! Now, let's kick off this news post!

With Caveman Morrison's planned return shows at The Roosevelt Hotel this weekend called off due to a double booking, frontman Tym Morrison's making the most of it by returning to The Service Grill just down the road TONIGHT for another solo acoustic concert! I apologize for the short notice, but Tym only just announced the show last night, and in all reality, an announcement for it was gonna be cutting it close due to the timing. This will be Tym's third straight Saturday night show at the Korah Road restaurant, and luckily for you Rosie regulars, it's seconds away, you can see Spyder's Web and Tym in the same night very easily! Note that the Facebook event page says that he's playing there "every Saturday" again, but with Caveman Morrison's real return imminent (more on that in a second), that point appears to be flexible. Remember, Tym is on TONIGHT at The Service Grill at 8:00 PM, there's no announced cover charge, and I don't think it's 19+. Check the above links for more details! Short notice or not, it's nice to see Tym staying busy despite the postponement of Caveman Morrison's return, so if you're itching to hear some metal and hard rock covers, there'll still be some Morrison-related music on Korah Road tonight! Make it out if you can, and for a preview, here's Tym covering Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven" at what's now Feedback in 2009!

That said, when exactly are Caveman Morrison making their return? In two weeks, as the popular metal cover trio will make their long awaited debut with their new lineup at The Roosevelt Hotel on December 9th & 10th! Again, the new date is due to the Spyder's Web double booking this weekend, and my source for the new dates is The Rosie's Facebook page. Still waiting for band confirmation, but if a venue confirms a concert, then that's a very good source! These will mark Caveman Morrison's first shows in 5 months, their first concerts at The Rosie since (I think) 2009, the debut of new bassist James White, and the return of ex-bassist/current drummer Rick White, after originally leaving Caveman Morrison over 18 months ago. Full details are not out yet for their return shows, but I'd expect them both to be 19+ with no cover and 10:00 PM start times. Check the above links for more details! It's great to see a new return so quickly after their original return dates being scuttled, and you know that with two more weeks to prepare, the new Caveman Morrison lineup will be on top of their game come December 9th! Stay tuned for any possible updates as they come in!

Next up, we have a new local metal album release (of sorts), and if you paid attention to our Facebook page earlier today, you know exactly what it is! Yesterday, Sault Michigan classical metal trio Theatre of Night (featuring 3/5ths of End of Existence) released a remastered version of their 2010 album "Christmas Night" to their Reverbnation page, with plans to release it on other online music outlets like iTunes on December 7th. The release was hyped as a Black Friday exclusive with special pricing of $5.99 for the album in mp3 format and $7.99 on CD, and though I think the intention was for it to only be on sale yesterday until the full release on the 7th, the album was still on sale for the same prices on their Reverbnation store as of this writing. I apologize if anyone missed it yesterday, but I didn't have enough news at the time for a full news post. That said, this new version of "Christmas Night" is mostly the same as last year's release, save for remastered audio and the addition of two new orchestral metal renditions of Christmas carols ("The Nutcracker" & "Hark! The Herald (Angels Sing)".) Don't let the seasonal theme fool you, this is very much a metal album, and you can pick it up (while you can) at the above links, or you can wait until the 7th when it'll be available everywhere for digital download!

That all said, if you like orchestral metal and Christmas carols, Theatre of Night's CD is definitely worth exploring, but should you buy it? By Wednesday, you can take my word for it, as I'm officially announcing that we're reviewing the new version of "Christmas Night" for this month's CD review on the SMS! It'll be our first Sault Michigan CD review since Clownsack's "Funny Farm" EP in April, and despite the slow pace of new metal CD releases locally, it will be our 4th new album review on the SMS in the past 8 months. Consider it a kickoff to the Christmas season around these parts, so stay tuned for my review of Theatre of Night's remastered debut album on Wednesday!

And finally, I wanted to take some time to explore the status of a prominent local death metal band, that being State of Misery. Since their return from their summer breakup in August, fans have been waiting for news from this talented young band, but nothing official on band pages has came out since drummer Nick Kainula said new songs were coming soon on their Facebook page last month. Fairly recent enough, but there's signs that not all is positive (again) for State of Misery. In the past month, we've seen frontman Steve Rhodes join View To A Kill & guitarist Ray Cowan join Social Suicide, and I'll note that they're the same members who split from the band & joined Bring The Misery in May. Whether they've left State of Misery or not isn't publically known, but on Sunday, Nick posted on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group that he was looking for "a singer for a metal band", and to message him if you're interested. Has Steve (at the very least) left State of Misery? Is Nick forming a completely different band? Possibly both? I personally don't know enough to say, but this all has me wondering what's going on in the State of Misery camp, for better or for worse.

I just thought I'd share what I knew with you guys. If I hear more on the future of State of Misery, I'll be sure to post it, and if you can sing, message Nick at the above link for more details on joining the band in question!

That's all for now, but stay tuned later today for our update post to our Saultites in Out of Town Bands Profiles, where I'll tell you guys what's changed, what's new, and what's coming from the bands with local members that we've covered in the series over the past two years! Stay tuned!

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