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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile Updates (November 2011)

As promised, today marks our second update post for our (mostly) monthly Saultites In Out Of Town Bands profile series! Since we last spent a post outlining the changes, removals, and additions for the out of town bands with Sault Ste. Marie natives, we've profiled an additional 11 bands, and the vast majority have had things to say and edit since last year! Has you favourite band in this category had a lineup change, a new video, a new album, or some change in status or activity that you should know about? Check below, as here's all that's new and updated in this monthly feature series on the SMS! Each band's name links to the original profile of that band from this series. (Updated at 8:39 PM)
Phatstick: I replaced a band picture on the profile due to the original link from the now-closed GarageBand expiring, and I edited the local references slightly to note that Phatstick last came through Sault Ste. Marie in May at The Rockstar Bar. Nothing much new is out from the Phatstick camp, as last I heard, they were still gigging here and there in Southern Ontario this summer as usual from their recent history.

Will of the Ancients: I edited their lineups to reflect the addition of guitarist Dean Arnold and the departures of singer Stephen Walton, guitarist Ryan Sequeria, and bassist Jeff Kurkowski. That's a lot of upheaval in a short time! As well, I've removed references to recent shows (they haven't played live since early 2011, I think) and added mentions of their forthcoming second album "To Our Glorious Dead", which appeared to have a 2011 release in mind before their lineup changes. That included adding their YouTube channel to their links, which includes album previews. Look for it in 2012, along with details on new members and shows!

Papa Fogals Chair: I restored an image to their profile due to a MySpace link change mess-up, and I date-corrected a reference to their February 2010 one-off reunion show when they opened for Garden of Bedlam, as it's now a different year than currently. I also added some details about members' current bands (primarily Andy Chillman's work in the London acoustic band Too Much Unsaid) and noted that the now-linked Foggy Notions (the site of PFC's last local shows) is now Feedback, but the above changes aside, there's nothing new for the band's status to add, as they haven't played any concerts since.

The Sexual Vigilantes: I edited the local info section a lot to reflect the current band statuses of the members, primarily for Brenton Ellis & Curtis Faux's current roles in the Toronto hardcore punk band Maximum RNR, but it's mostly cleaned up to be easier to read. I also fixed the images on the page, which were both screwed up from their original hosts. I also added some band links and edited references in their bio to note that they're now considered inactive & not currently together, seeing as they've made no updates since (at the latest) early 2009.

Feral Noise: Aside from a minor edit to reflect guitarist Tym Morrison's work in the defunct local band Carbon Black, I've changed nothing for Feral Noise's profile. They haven't reactivated in the past year, and Tym's active local status hasn't really changed either, but it'd be cool to see a Feral Noise reunion down the road!

Sadomasochism: I restored the images after their MySpace links got messed up, and overhauled drummer Mikey Bishop's local info to reflect his current work with Brimley hard rockers Half A Man and emphasize his larger bands and current statuses. I also noted that Sadomasochism frontman John Rios was in Mikey's old local band Bludgeoned, but whether he ever held a local residence or not isn't personally known. Finally, I amended the references to Sadomasochism successor band Flesh For The Beast to allude to the fact that I think they're now inactive. Sadomasochism themselves have not reunited in the past year, so nothing directly referencing them was altered.

Levitate: I've edited references to frontman Cory Murchison's current local band status, including the current state of Sense of Truth, and if you're a fan of theirs, it's disappointing. I'll have more in an upcoming news post for sure. As for Levitate itself, there's no direct changes, as they're long since broken up with a reunion unlikely.

Necramyth: No major changes, I restored the used Necramyth pictures (more MySpace screwups) and I added a purchasing link for Necramyth's "Slaughter of the Seoul" album on iTunes, but there isn't much to add, seeing as Necramyth have not reunited in the past year.

Human Disorder: No major changes, save for a photo restoration. Human Disorder have been broken up for over a decade, and the members' current statuses haven't noticeably changed, so things are mostly alright with the Human Disorder profile for now.

Summon: I've edited the links for Mikey Bishop's band history to line it up with our Sadomasochism profile, like adding Half A Man references and so forth. Little else needed a change, as I don't believe Summon have done much band-wise in the past year, but I know they're still together! However, I did add a new video to the profile of a recent Summon lineup playing their song "And The Blood Runs Black" from a show in or before May 2010, so check it out below, and thanks to Mikey for alerting me to it!

The Disciples of Rock: I've edited the references to bassist James White's local band work, as he's now the bassist in Caveman Morrison and Redundant, though I left references in to the now-broken up Quims & Browbeat. Other than that, all I changed is a restored MySpace photo, as The Disciples of Rock haven't reunited in any form in the past year.

Violet Fuse: I've added links for where to hear their material, including their 2010 self-titled debut album, so definitely stream or buy their material on the links there, such as on iTunes! I also added a reference to the fact that Violet Fuse almost played locally in August at Hempfest, but they later dropped out following the date change for the festival. It'll be cool to see Thom Edwards come home with Violet Fuse in tow, but stay tuned in case we hear anything!

Jar.: I added links to the band's new website and Reverbnation page, amended references to former bassist Chris Smith's recent band work (notably his departure from Wishbone), and added a reference to two new re-recordings of older songs that you can now stream on Reverbnation. Jar. are still active and gigging in Western Canada, and are still working on their new album, so keep an eye out for updates!

Thrawsunblat: I replaced the links for their "Canada 2010" demo's free torrent download on Mininova (which is no longer posted there) with the album's link on iTunes, which you can now buy it from for $7.92. I also removed references to drummer David Gold's impending move from Canada, as he's already back. And yes, I restored the images on their profile, as they were a casualty of that MySpace link change issue.

Hellhitch: No changes, save for the restoration of the MySpace photos. Hellhitch are still defunct, and a posthumous band page has not been started for Hellhitch in the past year, so my knowledge of the band's history remains limited. I do have more songs of theirs that aren't online (thanks to Tyler Sitter for sending them my way), but I haven't figured out what to do with them yet.

Kilacel: I updated the statuses of members/local band alumni Chris Webster & Chris Leask to note their current band statuses, notably Elipzis' breakup, River Witch's name change to Powerslug, and Chris Leask's work in Great Bodily Harm. I also restored yet another MySpace photo, date adjusted things due to their lengthy hiatus, and added a reference to the Nunica, Michigan hard rock band Coldville, which Kilacel members Luke Ponce & Matt Millering now rock Western Michigan in.

Fifth Way: I edited their lineups to reflect the additions of bassist Mike McMann & drummer Chris Castro, who have replaced Nicholas Cole-Klaes & Dave Reingardt in the band over the past year. The rest is mostly date-correction to bring references up to date with the current time period, along with more MySpace photo restoring.

Mark Rand: I updated the link to his solo MySpace page due to a URL change, deleted his pulled-down Facebook page, and added a new more descriptive profile photo. I also added to the bio sections that he's been seen recently in the acoustic duo Pumpkinseed, and that his solo project is alternately known as M.R.B. at times. News on his solo project is sporadic though, and I haven't heard much directly relating to future performances or material in a few months.

L'anguisette: I've mostly updated the references on their profile, including the delays for their "Damning The Euphrates" album, drummer David Gold's return from Kuwait, and the connection that they shared with David's now ex-Woods of Ypres bandmates Shane & Evan Madden. I've heard very little from L'anguisette since we profiled them last year, but hopefully some news comes out soon!

S.C.A.R.: I've updated their profile to add former bassist Kevin Marchinko to their past lineup, refer to their last concerts through March 2011, and note their latest album releases, most recently "Concentrated Piss" in January. And sadly, I had to note on the profile that S.C.A.R. broke up in August, but plans are in place to release video footage from their last concert in the future. Disappointing news for sure, but hopefully Mike Haggith and the rest of the S.C.A.R. crew have music in store to come for their fans!

The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society: I've added the respective "in-character" Twitter accounts for NOBMPS members Veillko & Platinus to their links, and added references to the fact that their "Future Northern Prosperity" single is now on iTunes, but the rest of the edits are mostly for time adjustments, as we haven't heard much from the band in months, and their planned vinyl single release still isn't out to my knowledge.

Maximum RNR: The local connections for this noted Toronto hardcore punk band sure grew this year, as frontman/Saultite Diamond Brent Panther's longtime bandmate Curtis Faux replaced Davey Dee on bass in the band this summer! Most of the changes related to connecting the local dots, referencing Curtis' spot in Maximum RNR, and critiquing the new lineup, as there are now plenty of videos of the current Maximum RNR lineup! That said, I've also added a new video from this summer onto their profile, so here's Maximum RNR playing two songs on the British leg of their tour this year! Staticy audio, but it does the job!

Buster Cherry: I noted that guitarist Terry Eaton has moved back to Sault Ste. Marie, where he now plays in the local country band Asylum Country. The only other major change was to note that the band Blynd Image (who had songs hosted on the Buster Cherry Reverbnation page) was a separate older band that Terry and bandmate Cory Valentine were part of in the 1980s. Buster Cherry are long since inactive, so no direct new additions were made to this profile.

The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles: The only change I made was to add a link where you can buy the band's latest EP in CD format on CDBaby. That's the only new change I added, as the band's status and activity level is mostly the same as it was when we initially profiled them.

Gravity Crash: Firstly, I added drummer Eric Hamilton to their lineup, who replaced Jordan Wildeman in the band earlier this year, after Jordan moved out of province. Notably, Sault native Paul Melanson briefly left Gravity Crash this year as well, but he returned last month! I also referred to the fact that Gravity Crash did win the Nazareth Battle of the Bands to open for them in Lethbridge in July, and I finally added some long overdue analysis of their sound, as there's now Gravity Crash videos posted on Paul's YouTube channel! Though sadly cut up, it's a nice sample of their live show, and here's the video I included, of Gravity Crash playing their song "You Better Believe"!

Jeff Nisbet: Aside from a minor correction to his current work status, the only change I made was to note that Jeff now has a solo music page on SoundCloud, which features a new track named "Victims" along with previously posted solo material. That's about all, as Jeff's current status with his solo project hasn't changed since the summer save for new song postings.

NeanderTHRALL: I've edited their lineup to reflect the addition of singer/guitarist Chris Wilkins, who replaced Alex Petrovich in the band last month. As such, I've added a current lineup photo to the profile and added references to recent shows and future plans. I've also added a live video of NeanderTHRALL to the profile, as they've finally began posting videos from their concerts onto their now-linked YouTube channel, so I've added the video below from NeanderTHRALL's current lineup's live debut last month!

Infathom: No changes. Since their last shows this summer, the band has mostly remained on a break while 2/5ths of their lineup attend school outside of the Ishpeming area, so there's nothing really new to add yet. Maybe closer to the summer, we'll hear some news!

Paricide: My only real change was to remove references to the inactivity of bassist Shane Fraser's later (and formerly local) band Sue Inside, as they recently returned to activity in the Oil Springs area in August. The rest is good, as Paricide are long since defunct.

The Lust Boys: No changes. It's only been a month since we profiled The Lust Boys in this series anyway, what new items could we realistically have? They're still plugging away with new shows and an upcoming album, so stay tuned for updates!
There, hopefully things are up to speed with the 30 bands we've covered in this series so far! Amazing how many bands have benefited from local talent, huh? I hope to update this series more frequently in the future to avoid lengthy posts like this, but I need to figure out how to schedule it and spread it out. That said, we're profiling another out of town band with a local member on Boxing Day to cap the year, but which band are we picking? Another Windsor-based band from prolific Sault native Ash Richtig, that being the hardcore punk quintet Repetitions! Look out for that next month, and stay tuned for more news over the coming days! Thanks everyone!

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