Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Caveman Morrison), The Return Of Stillbroke, And Some Stuff From The Past!!

Hey guys, I've cobbled together some stories for a new news post! Things have slowed down since the weekend, but I try by best to make sure something new is up every three days (or sooner), so I've supplanted two new stories about returning bands (including LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS) with some new "old" discoveries I thought I'd share. Let's get things started!

Caveman Morrison are finally returning to the stage! The prolific metal cover trio will play their first concerts in over 4 months next weekend (November 25th & 26th) at The Roosevelt Hotel in what will surely be some entertaining nights of music! These will also be their first concerts with their new lineup, which now includes Redundant bandmates (and brothers) James White on bass & Rick White on drums, himself returning to Caveman Morrison around 18 months after leaving the band's bass position. How will their new lineup sound after 4 months away from the stage? Next weekend, we'll know! Admission is likely free both nights, you must be 19 to attend, and a 10:00 PM start time is listed for both shows. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! It's awesome to see Caveman Morrison back, and if you've missed them this year, next weekend's as good a time as any to witness their return! I completely missed the band's brief mid-2011 stint with Jacques Marceau & Willie Bellerose in their lineup, but hopefully the White brothers can rock as hard or harder in the newest version of Caveman Morrison! Stay tuned for more from Caveman and Tym Morrison as it comes in!

Next up, it looks like local hard rock quartet Stillbroke are resuming activity! The 2008 Case's Music Battle of the Bands winners have largely been dormant since the spring of 2010, with only their bassist changes & a brief scheduling for a private birthday concert this January showing any signs of life. That said, the recent news I've seen indicates that there's been yet another lineup change, as it looks like Stillbroke have parted ways with guitarist Chris Villeneuve. A reason for his departure hasn't been publicized, but the band's pages are for the most part badly outdated anyway. Chris originally joined Stillbroke in February 2010 during their major lineup overhaul, though I think he only played one concert with them. I remember he had talent, but hopefully nothing bad happened, and best of luck to Chris in the future! That said, bassist Mitch Sirie has apparently moved to guitar to replace him (just like in The Bear Hunters), so once again, Stillbroke are looking for a new bassist. Both Mitch & frontman Jesse Frigault have been openly looking for a new bass player on local musicians' Facebook groups, so click here and here for details if you're at all interested in playing bass for them.

Mitch also said in his post that Stillbroke are hoping to resume playing live in "a month or so", which would be awesome (and long overdue) if this holds up! It's about time that Stillbroke come back, as they were a talented and easily listenable hard rock outfit that definitely had momentum on their side before they faded from activity! Hopefully they can pick up where they left off almost two years ago, and when new band details come in, I'll absolutely have them here! Check the above links for more!

We'll close today with some newly discovered blasts from the past, and first, here's a neat find I came across relating to local classic hard rock quintet That's Chester! An old website of theirs from circa 2004 can still be accessed via an archive copy at The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and it features some good information and biographical notes from their mid-2000s era with singer Ritch Fullerton (including their Chester-referencing stage names), so it's definitely worth checking out for old band info. However, the neatest find of all relating to this now-deleted website is that there's an audio/video page that actually features two audio recordings that you can still listen to seven years after the fact! Though the present links are mostly dead (including three deleted videos from Local2's predecessor LTV News), two live audio clips remain online via an old personal Shaw page from guitarist Gabe Tessaro, and they're of That's Chester covering Kiss' "Detroit Rock City" and Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down"! Nice quality, and it's good to hear some older That's Chester audio, so if you missed the Ritch Fullerton era and wanna hear That's Chester rock some heavier stuff from the mid-2000s, give their proficient takes on these classic songs a look at the above links!

And finally, here's an old website for a closed local concert venue that some of you guys might be interested in! Off and on, you may remember that 119 Gore Street housed a concert venue under varying names and owners through last fall, such as GLOW and Nite-Life Dance Club. From 2007-2008, the bar was known as The Other Place, and it filled a niche as a more metal-friendly bar during it's short run under this ownership, largely thanks to booker Mike Gaetano, who maintained an official website I've only just found for The Other Place during it's run! The page includes info on bar specials, events, photos from inside, and details on upcoming concerts at The Other Place between April and June 2008, including concerts featuring Garden of Bedlam, No Arrow, defunct local metal band Heresy (anyone know anything about them?), and the later cancelled show to be headlined by Winnipeg metal band Dreadnaut that June. I don't know why The Other Place dropped from local view in late 2008, but at their peak, there was a lot of good things going down at the future GLOW, and it's cool to come across this site after 3 years! Give it a look, and maybe down the road, another bar will return this Gore Street spot!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our next poll and more news over the next few days! Thanks everyone!

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